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a welder rod

Welding is one of the techniques of connecting metals by melting some of the filler metal with or without pressure and with or without a metal enhancer which produces a continuous connection. The scope of the use of welding techniques in construction is comprehensive, including shipping, bridges, steel frames, pressure vessels, fast pipes, pipelines and so on.

Based on the definition of DIN (Deutch Industrie Normen) welds are metallurgical bonds on guide metal joints which are carried out in a melted or liquid state. From this definition, it can be further explained that welding is a local connection of several metal rods using heat energy. At this time, 40 types of welding have been used, including welding, which was carried out on pressing two metals that were joined together so that these two metals could glue together.

The Basic Tools

a diy workerBefore you start welding, here are the primary tools that you must have in your workshop:

  1. Welding machines
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  2. AC/DCElectrical Power
  3. Electrode Holder/electrode pliers/electrode clamp
  4. Welding cables (electrode cables/mass cables/power cables)

Not only do you need to have the welding machine and all of its supporting accessories, but you also have to wear protective gears during the welding process. Here is a list for you:

  1. Welding mask, to protect the eyes from the weld beam
  2. Suction blower, to protect your respiratory organs in case of fire
  3. Welding apron/chest protector, to protect the body from sparks
  4. Welding gloves
  5. Protective shoes

Additional tools:

  1. Pliers
  2. Steel brush
  3. Hammer crust
  4. Welding table
  5. Grinding Machine

The Preparation

Clean the material to be welded. Use a hammer to clean the crust on the surface of the area to be welded. Use a steel brush for maximum results. And place the material to be welded in the space provided whether it’s using a work desk or just putting it on the floor. Adjust the density between the two ingredients. And don’t forget to use the clamps if needed.

Place the welding machine on one part of the material to be welded. Insert the electrode on the electrode clamp panel on the welding machine. Attach the tilt of the electrode to adjust the position of the material. Usually, there is a special place for the electrode slope on the electrode clamping pliers. Either it’s perpendicular 90 degrees, 30 or 40 degrees. After the material is ready to be welded, slowly bring the electrode tip to the material to be welded.

Tips for the Best Result

welding metalThe distance between the tip of the electrode and the material affects the quality of the welding significantly. If the range is too far away, a spark will emerge like a rain of fire spots. The welding process will be imperfect. If the distance is too close, the fire does not flare correctly. And there is not enough distance for the electrode melt. A reasonable length is one-eighth of the thickness of the electrode.

By using a protective mask or welding goggles, you can pay attention to the part of the electrode that has melted together between the two welded materials. Gently move the wire along the welded area.

Good results during the welding process can be seen when the welded surface is shaped like a strong wave and regularly closes the welded part perfectly.

When finished, clean the crust covering the welded part using a hammer. Double-check that there are parts that have not been perfect. If it is not perfect, repeat the part that has not been well united. In some cases, the welded material must be grinding again if the welding is not precise. But if it’s not too fatal, we need to weld the part that isn’t correctly welded.…

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HR departments face multiple operation challenges. Millennials now form a huge chunk of the working population, and always keep changing the working norms. For instances, traditional management practices like administration of key process on paper are slowly taking the back seat. In their place, they are now being replaced by more efficient technical solutions.

HR management questions

There are three main types of HR software technologies or application used today. These include the employee engagement software, human resource information system, and the employee benefits management software. All these applications are needed for the smooth running of the HR department. That said, here are specific features to look at when comparing different HR solutions.

People Analytics

The power of harnessing employee data and coming up with a predictive analysis system cannot be overlooked. Top executives highly favor this practice. Thanks to developments in technology like the emergence of data science and machine learning, it has become quite easy to make data-driven decisions.

Continuous Engagement

Continuous engagement between employees and their employers is key to improving the quality of the environment in the workplace. Lack of participation often leads to dissatisfaction at the workplace and lack of employee loyalty. Deploying smart employee management apps come helps you get regular feedback from your employees.

Talent Management

Talent or employee management is key to the success of any business. With millennial workers preferring a job that gives them a better life balance, the HR department should strengthen their communication and feedback loop as a way of managing their talent. Also, different activities are objectively coordinated for optimal productivity.

Better Employee Review

Most HR managers still rely on the bell curve system to assess their employees. Others simply pit employees against each other and put them on a performance curve. Employee management systems are now being used in place of such traditional methods, which have been proven to do more harm than good. Having an employee management application will help the HR department establish a comprehensive assessment before making any performance-based decision.

human resource

It is now clear that modern workers do prefer being administered. As such, leaders in HR management are now enjoying the benefits of using comprehensive employee management solutions. A good HR management software should be able to improve the quality of your decisions and at the same time improve employee engagement and talent management at every step.…

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music equalizer

We have different types of the online converters that facilitate the conversion of various files to Mp3. When looking for the ideal converter, make sure that the converter you select does more than just the conversion.

The quality of the conversion is paramount as it will help you to determine whether the conversion is a success or not. The video to audio conversion is one of the most popular types of conversion that takes place. This read looks at the various reasons why we convert the multiple files into the Mp3 format.

Compatibility with the Playing Device

mp3 player interface

We have different types of audio and video playing devices. At times we get the video and audio files that are not compatible with the equipment that we have for the same.

One of the ways of ensuring that we enjoy such music is by converting it to the suitable format. In this case, since you have an Mp3 player, it is only wise to change the said file to the Mp3 version.

Sound Effects

We have individuals who are passionate music mixer. To them, music is not music without various sound effects. The video to audio conversion software gives such individuals the opportunity to gather the sound effects that they feel are ideal. It is easier to create the impact on an Mp3 file since these files are usually not too huge.

Low Space in the Hard Drive

Is the space in your computer hard drive getting low every day? If yes, then it is essential to clear some space so that the computer loads faster than it is currently doing and you also get space to save the other files.

The audio files are usually smaller in size as compared to the video files. Converting the video files that are available in your computer could assist you in resolving the low space in the hard drive.

Transcription Purposes


Transcription refers to the typing of something that was spoken or communicated and recorded in a file. To transcribe successfully, you will need to use some software which will help you in loading the data which you can then play back and forth as you transcribe.

Most of this software only take the audio files. This is, therefore, another reason why people convert the video files to audio files.…

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driver undergoing an alcohol test

Alcohol detectors, commonly referred to as breathalyzers are frequently used to measure the breath alcohol content. Breathalyzers are widely used due to its precision in measuring alcohol content level. Unfortunately, many drunk drivers assume by estimating that they are too drunk to drive.

This clearly explains why the number of drunken related accidents keep on growing year in year out. If there could be a police officer in every car owner’s car to test them every time they are out of the bar, then breathalyzers wouldn’t be a great idea. The benefits of breathalyzers are:

Easy to Acquire

alcohol and breathalyzerDay by day, the hand-held alcohol testers are becoming accessible to obtain for frequent consumers. Using these portable devices help you make proper and ideal decisions of not drinking that may lead to an accident possibly death of an individual or attract a hefty fine and have your driving license revoked.
Instant results

Breathalyzers take very few seconds to measure the alcohol content of the body. The level of alcohol content can be repeatably measured many times. This is supported as a cause of the robust nature of the breath testers.

Accurate Results

After a night out, there is nothing uncomfortable like being stopped by the police and being unsure of whether the quantity of alcohol you consumed exceeded the required limit. Yes, breathalyzers are essential as they do accurately measure the alcohol levels hence saving you from the police hands. Before reaching the consumer, the breathalyzers are passed through many quality inspections making the device accurate. The breathalyser calibration is done in a way that it is simple to read the results.

Enhance Responsibility

When you analyze your breath level, you can come up with an informed decision dictating whether you should drive or not. Also, in a high profile social gathering, you can monitor your drunkenness level to prevent yourself from embarrassment when drunk. The ability to make such informed decisions portray responsibility.

Testing Alcohol Content from Anywhere

black breathalyzerThe breathalyzers are made from very high-quality materials meant to withstand the various harsh conditions. This is made possible through compactness. Breathalyzers are small and light in weight hence they are easily portable and can fit anywhere be it a purse or pocket.

Breathalyzers can also be carried to work to monitor and prevent alcohol from obstructing your work. It is, however, important to note that personal breathalyzers cannot be used for legal use despite their accuracy. The tests the police use are the ones preferred as evidence. Chewing mints do not also reduce the alcohol levels.…

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When you choose to use cloud storage services, you will be saving your data on servers that are owned by the cloud storage company. You will not be storing any data on your computer’s hard drive. For you to get access to your files, you will need internet connections. The main advantage of cloud storage is that you can access your files on any device from anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of cloud storage providers. You should, therefore, ensure that the one you choose the right provider. Here are tips to guide you in choosing the best cloud-based storage service provider.

Look at the Features

A lot of cloud-based service providers offer several features like storage, backup, and security of data. You can weigh these features and choose one that will suit your business. Most cloud storage companies offer general features like file syncing and folder syncing, media play, device syncing and document collaboration. Some can also allow you to share your files via email and even Facebook.


When you are using cloud storage, you won’t have to worry about your data security since all your data will be encrypted before they are sent to the cloud storage servers. There are some providers that take data security to the next level by encrypting your data again once they reach their servers. However, this still cannot guarantee your data’s absolute security.
This is why you need a company that will offer you with a two-factor data authentication. This will give your data an added layer of security. Your provider should also have a security program that is well-documented.


cloudThis is also a very important factor that should guide you in choosing the best cloud service provider. You should go for a service provider that will offer you with a free trial. This will enable you to gauge their services to determine if they will suit the needs of your business before you can switch to a paid plan. The rates charged by the cloud storage company should be reasonable and should be worthy of the services that you will be getting in return.

Data Center Location

The security of your data will also be determined by where your cloud storage company has located its servers. You don’t want to be dealing with a company that has its servers located in an unsecured room where anybody can easily get access to.…

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Nowadays it is possible to access information and data from wherever you are. This is made possible through mobile computing. Also referred to as human-computer interaction, mobile computing allows you to transmit and receive voice data and video data using a computer while you are mobile. This means that you don’t have to be connected to any physical link that is fixed.

Mobile Computing Concepts

There are three main concepts involved in mobile computing. They include mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Mobile communication involves the infrastructures that have been put in place to facilitate reliable and seamless communication. These infrastructures include portals, services, protocols, and bandwidth.

These infrastructures define the format of data that is being transmitted so that they don’t collide with any other system that may be offering the same services. These infrastructures are usually radio wave-oriented since the signals are transmitted over the air.

Mobile Hardware and Software

phoneThese devices are the ones that facilitate the service of mobility by receiving the data that is being transmitted. They include smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal digital assistants. These mobile hardware devices are capable of sending and receiving signals simultaneously. The mobile software is the program that runs on this mobile hardware. They facilitate the operation of the mobile applications. They are therefore the operating system of this mobile hardware.

Benefits of Mobile Computing

The landscape of our day to day lives have been completely changed by mobile computing. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of mobile computing.

Offers Location Flexibility

You can work from anywhere in the world thanks to mobile computing. As long as you have a connection, you can carry out your tasks and submit them regardless of where you are. This has boosted the productivity of employees.

Saves Time

phoneYou no longer need to travel to different locations to perform a certain task. With mobile computing, you don’t have to move around from your house to your office to finish up on your tasks. This is because you will be able to get access to your important documents and files. All you need is a secure portal through which you can access your computer.

You won’t have to incur any unnecessary travel expenses. You will also be able to carry out your research with a lot of ease. For example, when you travel to the fields, you will just collect and feed your data from anywhere.…

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