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As days go by, winter approaches, and temperatures drop more and more. While keeping warm and take care of yourself from the cold, you have to do the same with your mobile device so that low temperatures do not affect its performance. Some drawbacks that smartphones face can affect the load or the screen, but there is nothing to worry about. Follow these tips to take care of your smartphone during the cold season.

Charge the Battery in a Warm Place

It may happen that, when you leave the house and the room temperature is very cold, and your cell phone discharges very quickly. This occurs mostly with smartphones that have lithium-ion batteries, which are the most used today.

This type of batterysmartphone care is sensitive to temperatures, both low and high, but it is normal. Therefore, the ideal is to charge your smartphone in a place that is not cold. To recharge it, wait for the cell phone to recover a little temperature. Warm it up in your hands a bit before turning it on.

What If the Screen Is Not Responding?

In addition to the battery, another element that may have some drawbacks is the screens. At low temperatures, it can happen that the touch functions do not react. This is not a cause for concern as it is a reversible effect once the device warms up.

Make Sure to Keep it Away from Water

Water can pose a risk to your cell phone. When you use it, make sure your hands are dry. Also, avoid exposing it to rain, fog or snow. For this, you can help yourself with an aquatic or neoprene cover, protecting it from moisture but not from cold.

Store it in a Warm Place

If you go out to the street or even practice some sport outside, keep it in your pocket or in a place close to your body to prevent its temperature from dropping.

Use a Protective Sleeve

Take an example of a cellcell phone use phone with an LCD screen containing liquid crystals that can freeze in very low temperatures. In the case of cell phones with OLED and AMOLED screen protectors, they will not have a significant problem. Whether you have a cell phone, it is convenient that you use a protective cover if you are in a very cold place. Also, you should avoid leaving it inside your car without any protection.…

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