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If you own a small business, you may think you are immune to cyber-attacks or break-ins. In any case, criminals should target large corporations and people with deep pockets. Unfortunately, this is not the case as statistics paint a different picture. The truth is that criminals target small businesses at a worrying rate. The companies are least equipped to cope with reputational and financial losses attributed to theft.

As you know, prevention is better than cure. Thus, when you invest in securing your company, you are less likely to be targeted by criminals.

Regulate Access

business cyber securityA good way to limit the risk of equipment or data being stolen is to make it quite hard to access the said equipment or data. You can do this by distributing a few keys to employees and track those who have them. Keys to areas that contain expensive equipment or information must be very few. Also, you can install an access control system that limits access to different areas of the building.

Building Checks

Ensure you do a building check after work. This can sound basic but casing the building after work is a great way of knowing whether everything is okay. In addition, this can alert you to potential issues. You should encourage employees to report anything that they think is suspicious.

Upgrade Doors, Locks, and Windows

Wood doors and reinforced steel can stand up against attempted break-ins. Commercial-grade, high-security locks are required at all entrances and exits. Also, install these locks on internal doors that lead to places with expensive equipment or sensitive information. Ensure all the windows have locks and security bars to provide an additional layer of protection. The locks should stay locked whenever the window or door in question is not in use.

Develop a Response Plan

business securityIf security breaches or break-ins occur, nobody in the team is going to think straight. Help your employees respond positively by offering them with a response plan before anything fun happens. Also, there is a need for your employees to be trained on the proper protocols. It does not matter whether your team will have to use the knowledge; it will relieve and empower employees to understand that there is a system in place. In this way, you can move your business forward by avoiding cyber-attacks and physical burglaries.…

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